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14920 Cadillac Ct. Sylmar California 91342

Listed: $648,000

Sold: $670,000

Price per square foot: $289.29

4 Bedrooms & 3 Baths

This is a 4 bedroom and 3 bath property in Sylmar, CA. Although the property looks amazing, it was not always like this. Jose Urbina and his team came together to do a minor rehab on this property. Current owners said, “if the property would have remained the same before the fixtures, we wouldn’t have even come to see the property.” The property had a purple interior. It was in need of some electrical repairs, the front lawn was pebble stones instead of grass, and the exterior needed a touch-up. Once the property was finalized, the seller was only expecting to receive $620,000. The seller did not expect to receive offers at asking, much less at over asking price. Within 4 days, this property received multiple offers above asking price. Within 5 days, Cadillac was in escrow. This property officially closed on April 12, 2018.


18008 Flynn







18008 Flynn Dr. Canyon Country CA 91387

Listed: $395,000

Sold: $395,000

Price per square foot: $273.36

3 Bedrooms and 2.5 Bathrooms

When the sellers were referred to Jose Urbina, they did not expect a high sales number. As a matter of fact, they had paid for an appraisal report. The report had come in at a value of $375,000.  The sellers were expecting to just make a bit of profit or if any profit. Upon meeting with Jose, the sellers expressed their concern about the profit margin but that they would be okay with listing the property at $375,000.  The story goes that after hearing all of this, Jose’s answer was, “I don’t care what that report says because I did not make that report. I am listing at $395,000 and I am putting more money in your pocket. Are you cool with that? Good.” Sure enough, 3 days went by and a full price offer was accepted. This property was officially closed on December 26th, 2017.